Fiber Inspection & Cleaning

Fiber Microscope Probe, 400X Without Handheld Display


Comes with USB cord to connect the laptop or PC

Handheld Automated multifiber connector inspection and analysis

All-in-one handheld MPO inspection

All-in-one handheld MPO inspection

Fiber Microscope


Automated Fiber Inspection & Analysis Probe provides PASS/FAIL capability to PC, laptops, mobile devices and VIAVI test solutions

One Push Cleaner, MPO


One Push Cleaner for MPO

Fiber Microscope Probe, 260~400X Magnification with Wi-Fi


Comes with Wi-Fi connection to a PC/Laptop/Smartphone/Tablet

Fiber Inspection Probe Microscopes

FiberChek Probe Microscope

The "all-in-one" handheld solution for fiber inspection

One Push Cleaner

FOA-00016-12 / 25

1.25mm - LC & MU connectors or ports
2.5mm - E2000, SC, ST & FC connectors or ports