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Service & Repair

Over 30 years Kabex has invested on multiple service tools target to provide customer the best quality of service and experience.

Our Service Center Capability

Value Added Service

1-Stop Center (From Sales to Services)
  • From Pre-sales to Post-sales, maintenance to calibration, warranty claim and training

Fast Turn Around Service Lead Time
  • Ready spare parts and repair been done locally at Kabex service center
Part Replacement (For Repair and/or Preventive Maintenance)
  • 100% Genuine Part from manufacturer and  the only local source to get the genuine parts

Local Calibration Capability
  • Verification /Adjustment/ Alignment /Repair

​​Well Trained Service and support personnel
  • Able to support both service and application support

Latest Firmware upgrade
Telecom Test Measurement
  • OPM
  • OLS
  • PON Power Meter
  • OLTS
  • Optical Return Loss Meter
  • Optical Variable Attenuator
  • OTDR, Transport & Datacom Tester (OTN, Ethernet, SDH) 
  • Copper & Triple Pay Test Set (ADSL/VDSL)
Fiber Joining Tools 
  • Fusion Splicing Machines 
  • Fiber Cleaver
Access Control Barrier Gate
  • Swing Door Access Gate
  • Full Height Turnstile
  • Flap Barrier
  • Tripod Barrier

Service Provided

KABEX - SUMITOMO Certified Service Center

Our engineers are trained and certify competency by Sumitomo Japan. Sumitomo HQ will conduct annual audit for Kabex Sumitomo Splicer Service Center

Connect with Us:

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