FTTH Certification Course

FTTH (Fiber-To-The-Home) is defined as a communication architecture in which the final connection into the subscriber's home or place of business is optical fiber. FTTH is one of the key communication methodologies to serve internet user with high speed broadband service.
The demand for high speed broadband service for various application had driven the telecommunication company to expand their FTTH network. Therefore, more fibre optics installation and testing expert is require for the deployment.

With experience more than 20 years in fiber optics installation and testing, KABEX pleased to share our expertise on the lates and comprehensive FTTH installation and testing through certified course. The course will walk through participant on the FTTH inside plant (ISP) and outside plant (OSP) installation and testing procedure. At the end of the course participant require to take the TM CA1C and CA2C examination for certification. The certificate validity is 5 years start from the examination passing date.

Course Objective

  • Familiarise with the latest FTTH indoor/outdoor architecture and functionality of the components.

  • Expose to FTTH network best practice for installation and testing

  • Hand-on with the actual FTTH components and test tools use on site.

  • Learn on how to commissioning,

Who Should Attend?

  • Technical & Vocational Student (18 years old & above)

  • Technician

  • Engineer

  • Supervisor

  • Those who would like to widen their knowledge in FTTH field

FTTH Certification Course