Light Source - Application Notes

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Introduction to Laser Frequency Stabilization
The Michelson Interferometer Experimental Setup
FM Spectroscopy With Tunable Diode Lasers
Laser Diode Characteristics Overview
Choosing the Right Laser Diode Mount for Your Application
Protecting Your Laser Diode
Mode Hopping in Semiconductor Laser Diodes
Pulsing a Laser Diode
High Performance Temperature Control in Laser Diode Test Applications
Modulating Laser Diodes
Mounting Considerations for High Power Laser Diodes
Characterization of High Power Laser Diode Bars 
Laser Diode Burn-In and Reliability Testing
Laser-diode Power-supply Basics: Performance Depends on Specification
Meeting Measurement Challenges For Low-Power, Pulsed, or Modulated Light Sources
Specialized Systems Characterize Laser Diodes 
Better Test Systems Boost Laser Diode Performance