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Full Bench. High Value

Promotion overview

More than 50% off our most popular instrument bundles. All options upfront. Preconfigured for you.

The purchase of T&M equipment is a long-term investment. Some options that are not needed for a current task can become a T&M requirement later, and securing a budget for updates is time-consuming.

Rohde & Schwarz has transformed the market's expectations about purchasing T&M instruments with the introduction of fully equipped, preconfigured instruments at an unrivaled price. With this special offer you don’t need to choose between the upgrades - get them all at once. Whether it is an oscilloscope, DC power supply, spectrum analyzer, power meter or power analyzer, vector network analyzer, signal generator or various handheld antenna analyzers - Rohde & Schwarz has specially created, fully equipped products configured for you.

Promotional offer at a glance:

  • Options included upfront at point of purchase

  • No need to configure, it is taken care of for you

  • Single price for each instrument

  • Maximum bench performance and maximum savings

  • Valid now through March 31, 2021


Oscilloscopes Promotion

Save more than 50% on fully equipped oscilloscopes/ All options included from the start. Hurry up!

Power Supplies & Power Analyzer Promotion

Maximize your bench performance and benefit from more than 20% off on fully equipped DC power supplies. power analyzer and power meter.

Spectrum & Vector Network Analyzers Promotion

Discover the most popular configurations of spectrum, antenna and vector network analyzers, with a discount of up to 48%.

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