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The OPM-C Series Power Meters are able to detect automatically any received signal wavelengths from OLS Series Optical Light Source and use the proper calibration parameters. This feature reduces the need for communications between two technicians and decreases the potential for errors.


With the referencing function, its signal encrypting can also give the receiving end information on the power to be used as reference, ensuring efficient referencing, even when the two units are far apart. The units can communicate with computers, allowing data transfer to a computer via USB connection and the date sheet can be saved as Excel or .txt file format and able to be printed out directly. The unit’s memory storage is able to store up to 999 data items


SKU: OPM-5026C
    • Referencing function

    • Memory capacity; able to communicate with computer

    • LCD backlight for easy operation in darker environments

    • USB charging

    • Wide dynamic range and high power measurement capability

    • Auto power off function

    • Interchangeable fiber optic adapters

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