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PH-300 Series


Product Overview

PH300 Series OTDR is designed with lightweight and user friendly dimension. It is perfect for outdoor and easy to use. PH300 Series OTDR ensures accurate and complete fiber evaluation which allows anyone to proceed error-free testing with only single button operation. It is cost effective, with high resolution and compact size. Suitable for installation, operation and maintenance of optical networks.



  • Hand-held and portable

  • High performance over cost

  • 5-inch HD touch screen

  • Simple interface and single-button operation

  • Long battery operations

  • Optical Link ExplorerTM (OLETM) enabled to simplify analyzing


  • Real-time troubleshooting

  • Access network testing

  • LAN/WAN network testing

  • CATV network testing

  • Metro network testing

  • Lab and factory testing


Specifications are subject to change without notice



​OLE Test is developed using multiple pulse width acquisitions and advanced algorithms to easily and quickly characterize the fiber-under-test and display the events using iconic symbols. 


  • Complex OTDR results is displayed in easy-to-understand iconic symbols

  • Easy to use, single button operation, automatic analysis and intuitive link map display

  • Automatic multiple pulse width and wavelength acquisition

  • Identify automatically each event on the fiber, including splicing points, macro bends, connectors, optical splitters, etc.

Ordering Information


To order, please refer product datasheet

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