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Optical Power Meter

Mini OPM.png

Mini Optical Power Meter


MP-60/-80 Miniature USB 2.0

SmartClass Fiber OLP-87 PON Power Meter.

SmartClass Fiber OLP-87

SmartClass Fiber ORL-85 Inspection-Ready

SmartClass Fiber ORL-85

LP-3 Series Optical Power Meter-5.png

LP-3 Series

OPM-C Series.png

OPM-C Series

SmartPocket OLP-34,-35,-38 Optical Power

SmartPocket OLP-34/-35/-38

SmartClass Fiber OLP-82,-82P Inspection-

SmartClass Fiber OLP-82/-82P


MAP Optical Power Meter (mOPM)

LP-3P PON Optical Power Meter-2.png


PowerChek OP-1 Optical Power Meter.png

PowerChek OP-1

SmartPocket OLP-37 RFoG and PON Power Me

SmartPocket OLP-37 RFoG and PON Power Meter

SmartClass Fiber OLP-85,-85P Inspection-

SmartClass Fiber OLP-85/-85P

SmartPocket OMK-34,-35,-36,-38 Optical T

SmartPocket OMK-34/-35/-36/-38

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