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Optical Loss Test Set

OLTS Series


Product Overview

OLTS Series Optical Loss Test Set combines an optical power meter with a dual or triple-wavelength light source that measure the optical loss, optical return loss (optional) and fiber distance for optical fiber network installation and maintenance of optical loss and optical return loss.

The optical power meter unit can automatically recognize the wavelength being launched and can perform automatic bidirectional loss test on single fiber with Pass/Fail assessment. With its large data storage capacity, it is very convenient for field testing to store the test results and transfer the data to computer via USB interface.



  • All-in-one test: Bidirectional IL + ORL

  •  Optical power monitoring (auto power trace)

  • Auto synchronization of wavelength between light source and power meter (AutoID)

  • ORL test option

  • LCD backlight (to ease the reading under the sun)

  • Support both CW and modulated signals

  • Auto power off

  • USB power charging and interface to PC

  • Data storage up to 1000 results

  • Interchangeable connectors available for both power meter and laser

  • Pass/Fail Threshold Setting

  • Remote reference value setting

  • Test data with date/time stamp

  • Auto test records saved in local unit/remote unit/both units

  • >35hrs continuous operation

  • Quick startup time, no warm-up

  • High resolution color LCD

  • Handheld, lightweight and easy-to-use


  • OLTS Series Optical Loss Test Set is the ideal optical loss tester to evaluate the optical fiber link conditions in FTTx, LAN and CATV network


Specifications are subject to change without notice



​OLE Test is developed using multiple pulse width acquisitions and advanced algorithms to easily and quickly characterize the fiber-under-test and display the events using iconic symbols. 


  • Complex OTDR results is displayed in easy-to-understand iconic symbols

  • Easy to use, single button operation, automatic analysis and intuitive link map display

  • Automatic multiple pulse width and wavelength acquisition

  • Identify automatically each event on the fiber, including splicing points, macro bends, connectors, optical splitters, etc.

Ordering Information


To order, please refer product datasheet

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