FTTx Training

KABEX do offers a training to our customers as known as Essential FTTx Training Programme (EFTP) course. KABEX as one of the largest FTTx component supplier Malaysia always focus to create value added service to our customer. To provide training to our customer is one our commitment to educate customer with the latest technology and application. 

Why FTTx Training IMPORTANT?

As a future proof investment on people working in FTTH industry by ensuring that their skills and qualifications are consistent and reflect the needs of local communication network by offering next generation of broadband service.

Who Should Attend?

  • Technician

  • Engineer

  • Supervisor

  • Those who would like to widen their knowledge in FTTx field. 

Course Outline


Fundamental of Fiber Optic

  • Introduction of optical fiber

  • Optical Fiber construction

  • Optical Fiber cable construction

  • Optical Fiber characteristics

  • Optical Fiber cleanliness

  • Optical Fiber connectivity

  • Optical communication health and safety


Basic fiber optic Hands-on Tutorial

  • FRP cables (outdoor and indoor)

  • Mechanical Splicing vs Fusion Splicing

  • Mode Field Diameter Mismatch

  • G.652D/G.657A/G.657B


FTTH Design and Architecture

  • Why Deploy FTTH?

  • FTTH Fiber Component

  • FTTH Network Architecture and Design

  • FTTH Network Installation


FTTH installation Hands-on Tutorial

  • Field assembly connector installation

  • Insertion Loss Testing

  • Optical Return Loss Testing

  • Fiber characterization

  • Troubleshooting


FTTH Testing and Commissioning

  • Test & Measurement Equipment

  • Insertion Loss & Optical Return Loss

  • FTTH Testing Phase

  • FTTH Troubleshooting

  • OTDR Specification and Test Method


FTTH Testing and Troubleshooting Tutorial

  • OTDR Setup & Test Parameter

  • Testing on FTTH end-to-end network,
    including of troubleshooting.

  • Reporting & Documentation

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