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Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR)



Product Overview

With the fast growing fiber optic network,the demand for reliable and ease-of-use field test instruments keeps increasing. PH200 OTDR is designed to help technicians make test quickly and accurately with simple steps.

It combines various function modules in one unit, including OTDR, Optical Power Meter, stable Laser Source, Visual Fault Locator and fiber microscope (optional), all the modules are very useful in optical fiber evaluation.

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Multi-Function OTDR Testing

  • Auto/Manual testing and analysis

  • Icon-display Fiber Mapper for easy interpretation of network events (optional)

  • Multiple analysis functions on testing results : Segment/Event point return loss & Multi curves comparison

  • In-Line Measurement of PON systems through splitters

  • Fault locating, fiber length/loss/return loss measurement

  • Connector/ splice/ splitter/ macro bend/ fiber-end detection

  • GR-196-CORE (.SOR) file format

  • Flexible file naming

  • Screenshot and auto-saved

  • Built-in Power Meter, Laser Source and VFL modules

High Performance Platform

  • 5.6-inch touch screen

  •  Lightweight, 1.1kg

  • Excellent Human-Machine interface for easy operation

  • Short dead zone: EDZ 1m, ADZ 5m

  • 16G Internal Storage Capacity

  • Full range of models with multiple wavelengths selectable 50/1300/1310/1550/1625/1650nm (customized)

  • Damp-dust-shock proof

  • Over 8 hours continuous operation

Ordering Information

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